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Cumberlands Workforce Network Career Centers are Your One-Stop Connection to a Better Future

Workforce Development Act Title 1B — The Cumberland WIOA provides a variety of business solutions and services to new and existing businesses. Four comprehensive Career Centers are available in the 13-county region to assist business and industry in receiving all of the services they need. Cumberlands Business Liaison’s are available to meet with businesses to ascertain what available resources will meet their current and/or future needs and the Ca- reer System partner that can provide those services. The Application and Hiring Process- Take applications for positions at company site or the local Career Center; screen and refer applicants based on company’s qualifications for each position; schedule job interviews; Provide space for interviews and provide selected testing and assessments. We also offer the following training; customized training, on-the-job training, short-term training and employability skills.

Office of Employment and Training — The Office of Employment and Training assists the Local the Local Workforce Development Areas to connect with employers within a Local Workforce Development Area to provide solutions for business workforce needs. Employer support is conducted by business liaisons working within a Local Workforce Development Area. These business liaisons; promote advantages of using the One-Stop Career system to businesses, industries, and civic groups; make presentations to business and civic groups explaining the importance of Workforce Development Boards; promote to the business com- munity; career system training programs including on-the-job training, customized training, and incumbent worker training; meet with economic development professionals and indus- try prospects to provide current labor market information; coordinate business participa- tion, marketing, and other aspects required for conducting regional job fairs and attend business services/workforce-related meeting such as; Regional Economic Development Council, Chamber of Commerce and Training Consortium.

Kentucky Adult Education (KYAE) - Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE)- KYAE offers GED preparation, adult basic education and literacy, English as a second language, and workforce education to individuals, families, incumbent workers and pre-hire training for business and industry. KYAE also provides WorkKeys evaluation and targeted instruc- tion for the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) and adult basic education skills training for the Kentucky Manufacturing Skills Standard (KMSS) Certificate. Training is provided at work sites and in local KYAE provider adult education learning centers in all 13 counties in the LCADD area. For more information on KYAE services, please visit the KY- AE website:

The Office of Blind — The Office for the Blind is publicly funded agency whose goal is to provide services to help keep Kentuckians with vision impairments working. We help em- ployers to obtain and maintain valued employees. Services that we provide include: analy- sis of your employee’s ability to continue to perform current job tasks and recommendations that will help you retain valuable employees; Information about assistive technology such as large screen monitors, Braille, and speech technology; work skills training to help your em- ployee to learn new ways to effectively perform their job; vocational counseling and plan- ning to help your employees access career options, obtain any needed skill training; Sensi- tivity training for your organization to help staff understand visual disabilities and feel com- fortable working with a co-worker with visual impairment; provide information regarding the ADD and other work issues; they provide work experience and OJT services; and they provide individualized services for the individual with a visual impairment and for the employer. Business and industry, government and nonprofit organizations all work togeth- er to provide the assistive technology and training necessary for employers to take ad- vantage of this unlimited pool of qualified candidates.

Kentucky Farm Worker Program — Kentucky Farmworker Programs, Inc. provides assistance to employers who are looking for trained, qualified workers by; assisting with job applications; job referrals; on-the-job training (employer gets a money back incentive while new worker is training) and follow-sups and counseling when needed to insure retention of that new employee.

Pine Knot Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center — The Pine Knot Job Corps Civilian Con- servation Center (PKJCCCC) is a residential job training program for at risk young people be- tween 16-24 years of age that is located within the magnificent Daniel Boone National Forest in Pine Knot, KY. The Center offers training opportunities in nine different Career Technical Train- ing areas to include: Automobile Technology, Computer Technology, Construction Craft Labor- er, Culinary Arts, Union Bricklaying, Union Carpentry, Union Painting, Urban Forestry and Welding; and both a GED and High School Diploma Program. The PKJCCCC is operated by the U.S. Forest Service through an inter-agency agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor and serves 224 students.

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation — Kentucky Vocational Rehabilitation assists business- es in hiring, developing and keeping valued employees. They provide an array of services at no cost. The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation wants to work with your business toward place- ment and retention of people with disabilities in the workforce. Our custom-designed programs and services exemplify your tax dollars at work for Kentucky’s business and industry. How can we help your business; accessibility checklist, employment services, personnel assistance, staff development & financial incentives. Employment services offered; prescreening of applicants based on essential job requirements, on-site job trainer and support services, job restructuring/ work site adjustment, accessibility survey of complete work site, assistive technology; devices and specialized equipment to assist in job success and follow-up services.

Somerset Community College, Workforce Solutions Department — The Workforce Solutions Departmentis committed to providing solutions for the workforce development needs of the local business community. We offer high- quality, cost-effective customized training and assessment services that are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of your company. SCC Workforce Solutions staff will work with you to design training programs to meet the specific needs of your company and bring them directly to your location at a time convenient for you. Most classes award academic credit which may be applied towards a certificate, diploma or associates degree offered at SCC. In addition to the training, SCC Workforce Solutions staff can help clients develop a KY WINS project, if eligi- ble, that will assist with the training costs. We offer training in the following areas: Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service, Lean/Quality/Six Sigma/ISO, Maintenance and Technical Training, Computer, Safety, Employee Development, CDL, Lineman, and Continuing Educa- tion.

Experience Works – Experience Works is a national, charitable, community based organization focused on meeting the training and employment needs of individuals who are 55 and older, unemployed and have a limited income. Serving 59 counties in Kentucky as well as 29 other states (and Puerto Rico), Experience Works is the largest and oldest Employment & Training Program for seniors in the nation. For more information visit our web site at


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