Youth Services

WIOA TITLE I Youth Programs

In-School Youth is as follows:   
An eligible youth who has not yet attained a high school diploma and is attending school.

Out-of-School Youth as follows:
An eligible youth who is a school dropout; or is an eligible youth who has either graduated from high school or holds a GED, but is basic skills deficient, unemployed, or underemployed.

The following is a list of the Program Elements:
-Outreach/recruitment/eligibility determination
-Case Management/Intensive Job Placement
-Tutoring and Study Skills Training
-Alternative Secondary School Offerings
-Summer Employment Opportunities
-Paid and Unpaid Work Experience
-Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling
-Occupational Skills Training
-Leadership Development Opportunities
-Support Services
-Adult Mentoring
-Follow-up services for Youth

Career and Technical Education

Career and technical programs are dedicated to preparing young people to manage the dual roles of family member and wage earner. Career and technical programs enable students to gain entry-level employment in a high-skill, high-wage job and/or to continue their education.

The Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education (KACTE) is the professional association for Career and Technical Educators in Kentucky. KACTE members work in all instructional levels of Career and Technical Education (CTE): middle schools, high schools, secondary career and technology centers, technical and community colleges, and universities, as well as at the Kentucky Department of Education and the Kentucky Community and Technical College system offices. All CTE program disciplines are represented in KACTE’s membership: administration, agriculture, business, communications, construction, engineering and technology, family and consumer sciences, health sciences, information technology, manufacturing, marketing, pathways to careers, and transportation. Check out our informational videos for further information.

KACTE Parent Video

This is an informational video for parents whose children may be interested in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. The video explains how CTE courses are an exciting learning opportunity that can lead to a successful career.

KACTE Student Video

This video is for any student who may be interested in pursuing a career pathway by participating in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. CTE courses provide rigorous, and relevant education that is directly linked to a students career interest. Published by the Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education.

KACTE Educators Video

This video is for any educator who may be interested learning more about Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. CTE courses provide rigorous, and relevant education that is directly linked to a students career interest. Published by the Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education.

Somerset Community College Lineman Training Program

Got Power? Most people dont realize how their electric service is provided or who is responsible to keep it on. Lineman Tech Center will prepare you to be one of the elite, last American Cowboys. If you have been searching for a challenge, honor and a rewarding career, consider line work. Line work will give you the freedom to work outdoors; it will guarantee a physical and mental reward and is one of the highest paying trades that exist. Current demand for line workers is at an all time high, there is no better time than now.


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